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Rockmelt Web Browser’s Effect On My Efficiency

Posted in Uncategorized by runtonybobrun on March 24, 2011

I had the chance to sign up for the Rockmelt Web Browser beta version a little while back and for some reason used it, loved it and then went back to using Firefox. Until recently this stayed true, then I figured I’d start giving it a shot again. I can say it has made a pretty big impact on my work efficiency by letting me keep up on things from my feeds throughout the day without having to go to my specific reader and scan through. I still haven’t figured out how to get my mail to sync through it yet but hope there is a way. The added little bonus is the Facebook Connect integration that lets you share content you find with people on your network with minimal effort. I would absolutely tell people to check it out, especially if you like Google Chrome, this browser is very similar and makes life much easier!


Last Comic Standing Bust

Posted in Uncategorized by runtonybobrun on August 21, 2010

So I know I’m about 2 weeks late for the final of this seasons Last Comic Standing but I have to make my word known. I just now had the chance to watch the final show and have been utterly disappointed and sadly thinking of how far this show has slipped. It used to be one of the best shows on television and now its terrible. Craig Ferguson I think his name is, the host, sucks! Hot Tub Time Machine was his recent movie and also played Darrel on the Office. I am not a fan, that dry to cool for school humor is annoying to watch. Now I’m watching the final performance from Kathy Griffin and they have edited in fake crowd noise, fake crowd shots and she looks like death. When did she let herself go? Something about women in Hollywood thinking that surgery is the thing to do nowadays and it makes them look worse. Kathy Griffin I had always thought was a good looking women in her own regard but now looks like a zombie. Her eyes look weird and facial movements are no longer existent. Its just sad that women think so poorly of themselves that they feel looking like a werewolf is better than being them. Anyways, whole point here, Last Comic Standing has completely tanked on this season. We (I) loved this show in the past for the comedy and the comics, not all the gimmicks and  Hollywood crap they are some quick to add on every show. Hope next season starts better or I will be looking for a different show to watch on their night.

NFL Holdouts and Contract Disputes

Posted in Football, News, NFL, Sports by runtonybobrun on August 12, 2010

Shawne Merriman is still holding out from training camp even with rumors flying around that a contract has been agreed upon, full article on CBS. As a fan of the Chargers its hard for me to look at these overpaid cry babies fussing about not making enough money, especially when it’s Shawne “MTV” Merriman! He didn’t do crap for the Chargers last year and now is asking for more money…? Tell him to take a leap, same goes for Jackson. Vincent Jackson is out for suspension the first 3 games of the year for a DUI from last year. Combine that with his bad attitude on and off the field and I wonder why he thinks he is in any position to hold out for more money. Its worse this year than years past from what I remember and it is starting to take away from the game for me. Darelle Revis from the Jets is one of if not the best defensive back in the NFL and he is possibly going to miss the entire year because the Jets didn’t make him the highest paid player in his position. What happened to people honoring their contracts and playing football? It makes me sick to see the way the league has gone and think they need to do something about it soon. Can’t wait for college football to start, Go Hawkeyes!!!

Running News Asbel Kiprop’s Latest Gold

Posted in Uncategorized by runtonybobrun on August 3, 2010

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Running News Galen Rupp Aims for Sub-13:

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Running News Runner’s Digest: 7.30.2010

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Running News Ask Coach Jenny – “What do

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Running News Ask Coach Jenny – “What do I do about the painful chafing spot I get from my sports bra? Do I double up…

Facebook Birthday Wishes… F-U-Bitches

Posted in Uncategorized by runtonybobrun on July 29, 2010

It appears that Facebook had a translator who had some fun with its birthday wishes. If you were to click on language translate in Spanish it would have shown the message”F… You Bitches” to the persons page. Unfortunately it has been taken down but not before someone got the image of it. I wonder if Facebook is going to rethink the army of translators it currently uses for these functions or just crack the whip on this one character.I attached it to this post here so enjoy. Happy Birthday to you…? No, “F#$% You Bitches! More of this article can be viewed at TechCrunch

Kayne West on a office park tour?

Posted in Uncategorized by runtonybobrun on July 29, 2010

So I quickly tired of the idea to being witty in my everyday run posts, I love running but I am no expert and truly have nothing else to say. So my topic today is about Kayne West… He recently performed at the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and some say had a slam on Twitter in his rap that he performed. Next stop in the business park, Twitter? He had previously posted a complete bash on Twitter on his blog saying he would never use Twitter and wants the exact opposite of what Twitter has to offer. So naturally the day after he signed up for a Twitter account he performed to the staff at the Twitter offices in San Francisco, CA. Kayne’s Twitter following went from 20k to 220k overnight and should keep growing with the amount of buzz from these performances. The story is detailed more on Mashable, a news source for everything social media.

Millenial Media going public and Canada testing river based turbines

Posted in Uncategorized by runtonybobrun on July 28, 2010

I want to start with Millenial Media, the largest mobile advertising platform with almost 80% coverage among mobile phone user scited by the article today on TechCrunch. The company current has more penetration in mobile advertising then the number 2 and 3 that are owned by Google and Apple. Admob and Quattro are the second and third holders in this area which comes as a surprise to me since the power these 2 companies have. Since seeing these numbers and also hearing that Millenial has yet to go public but expect to do so in the next year it makes me wonder, what if you had the chance to go back in time and by stock in Google or Apple? You wouldn’t think twice right? I’m no stock expert but I think I see something worth while here… Take it for what you will but everything is going mobile, if you can get in at day 1 with the largest mobile advertising company in the world I think you should look in to it a little more. I know I will. On to my last point, why the quote of Canadian river turbine testing? I go down my feeds every morning and see all of the technology advancements through pretty much every segment of business today and I come along an article on Canada to start testing river based turbines… Doesn’t seem fitting. Flowing water has been generating energy for decades, isn’t it a little late in the game? I 100% support all green initiatives companies and countries can take and by all means, get on it Canada. Just seems a little behind the curve.